Catchphrase of Earthdust. Came about due to the constant posting about an 'invasion' of the LLM forum on the official CM messageboard by many of the crappers, resulting in many of us being banned. Earthdust among others, found this to be incredibly boring and resorted to simply posting "YAWN!!" in response to every thread on the subject.



Do not mention this around CMC! BiB's least favourite colour - it is not wise to suggest a team playing in this colour for a crap challenge.



Greeting made popular by Degsy (esp. relating to ICQ) and later by wocko.



Greeting relating to the LLM/CMC IRC community. Origin: a typing mistake by L9L when trying to greet the IRC community (#llm irc.irc-chat.net) with the word 'yo'. See also io.