Tactical Tipping

The act of aiding others by sharing information about formations and styles of play that have proved sucessful or unsuccesful in CM. This is frowned upon by crappers.



Formerly 'The Fortunate Son' - our resident bacon munching danish user. Often to be found listening to death metal, having cybersex in IRC with craigtheman0 and posting porn links in CMC.



BiBism. That's Great!! Keep Up The Good Work!! Plain and simple.



Planetarion loving crapper from Grimsby.


The Fortunate Son

See TFS.



The act of sharing inside knowledge (be it which teams are easy to manage, which tactics to use or which players to buy) about the game of Championship Manager with others, in order to brag, cheat or simply help them out. This is considered to be uncrap and is frowned upon by the crap community. See also tactical tipping and player tipping.



Oft disappearing 'newbie' - not been seen for a long time.



See Rekwob Toille.


Tonton Zola Mokokou

Overrated poof. See Robbie Keane.