Formerly known as PAK-O and commonly known as poofo. This Southampton supporting crapper is famous for his stint at McDonalds, as assistant manager. Or 'head burger fryer', as we crappers like to call it.



See Paco.


Pete Sampras

1; A famous, hairy tennis player

2; see G.A.



See Henderson.


Pine Tar

Our resident online games expert who doesn't post so much, these days.



Argentine crapper, who was well known for liking a drink and piss-posting. Often ridiculed for once having an Oasis style haircut, 'Pio' is now enjoying a healthy lifestyle, drink free.


Pio's sober self

The alias that Piojoso now posts under, due to his healthy way of life. Pfft.



The art of posting at CMC whilst drunk. Can be incredibly funny, but equally can be incredibly annoying.



Online game set in space, which has been played by many crappers and LLMers in it's history.


Player Tipping

The act of sharing information about which players to buy and to avoid, in the game of Championship Manager, in order to help out other champ players. Whether this involves tipping potentially good players, or currently good players, it is all frowned upon by crappers.



Insult of unknown origin, possibly from Erik ( if you can help). A stupid and contemptable person.



n1. Derrogatory term for a homosexual

n2. A vague CMC term, the term being dependent on context. If followed up with  then it tends to imply the above, but is usually a term of endearment. E.g. [L9L] yo [wocko] poof

v. The act of being a poof, e.g. [wocko^] What's craig poofing on about now?

Also: 'Poof off!' A friendly way of saying 'Go away'.



Derrogatory term for England, usually used by the Scottish contingent. See also Northern Poofland.



English. See Poofland.



Insulting nickname of Paco.



A half American, half English person. Often used to describe Shakes.



The art of increasing one's postcount by any means possible (usually by posting the infamous green smiley or by adding 'What he said')