Mark Muscat

See Mons.



Millwall supporting crapper, known for his penchant for odd flutter. Poker player and tipster extrordinaire.


Michael Mols

Newly signed up at CMC, more commonly found over at DAMMIT.


Millwall Mark

See MFCMark.



See moDtheGod.



An early crapper famous for once having green hair (though it's been every colour under the sun) and for postboosting (which he maintains doesn't happen 90% as much as everyone says!) Also known as 'moddy', 'dog' (from moDthedoG, an alias) or 'freak' (from the... unusual hairstyle).



Formerly known as Mark Muscat, this Maltese crapper isn't around CMC much these days. Well known for 'upping' old posts when returning from long spells away.



MRH is CMC's estonian user. He hasn't been seen around CMC for a while, but had a fling with LLM and is thought to be CMC's 'secret weapon'. What this means is anyone's guess!