See Lieutenant 9 Lives.


Lady Crap

Erik's better half. Recently gave birth to Ronne, their first child.



Maltese crapper who is a bit of a luvvie.


Lieutenant 9 Lives

Better known as L9L, this Northern Irish crapper can often be found talking about his grilling machine in IRC, complaining about lack of NI football on the TV and being a terrorist.



1; An animal

2; One who posts at LLM (LLaMa)



See Lower League Managers.



Danish crapper, known for his many threads about women and lurrrrve in general.



One of the original crappers, the swede was responsible for the first real crap website, which displayed (among other things) our basic moral code of conduct for playing CM the 'crap' way. Recently decided to bring said site back to life, after a few years lying in disrepair.


lower league management

A style of management not too dissimilar to crap management. See Lower League Managers.


Lower League Managers

A forum on the official champ website messageboard, which replaced Crap Manager City shortly after Christmas 1998. LLM is frequented by players of CM who share many values with the crappers. Although LLM has evolved a style of management of it's own, many fundamentals are similar to the crap ideal and many crappers still visit LLM, the opposite also being true. Always an interesting topic of discussion at CMC, LLM angers many, bores others and yet is still enjoyed by some crappers.



One of the older crappers, who sadly doesn't post as much these days.