One of the older crappers, 'Dusty' is definitely NOT from China. This joke is so old now, if you use it he'll probably use his catchphrase - "YAWN!!"



Also 'ego wank' and ego-wank' - this is any story, comment or reference to pulling a member of the opposite sex. Egowank threads are often created by the younger crappers and are know to be hated by the likes of Stephen, bigalp and Erik.



The loveable muppet - no not the one from Sesame Street, it's D_D's alias.



One of the first crappers, who can often be found flaming newbies and being generally abusive to all. Also known as Erique, Dykefingerer and That dirty orange plurk (and many other abusive names) he was a main contributor to 'the thread' and is a much respected crapper, despite his infamous 'holiday' save game with Ajax.



See Erik.



Dundee United supporting crapper.


Even Flow

Although recently assuming the alias 'Big Angry', this crapper from 'the land of iron pipes' is more commonly known by this name. One of the younger crappers. Recently AWOL.


Evil Nic

The evil incarnation of Nic. Pure evil.



Influential in both the crap and LLM communities, this scary poof can be found playing lots of 5-aside football and typing appallingly.