See Double_Dickie


Dale Watkins

Overrated poof. See Robbie Keane.



A community frequented by a fair number of LLMers and crappers, such as Evo and Rekwob Toille.



Is it a he, is it a she? Who knows? One of the earlier crappers, daniele is often mistaken for a female due to his misleading name. Can be found moderating CMC.



Popular canadian, who was briefly known as @lex@ndre. It would appear that he's AWOL again, after recent returns to CMC.



Usually found doing well in crap competitions such as CYKI? Everton supporter.


Dead Guy

New Zealander. Formerly known as Korpse.



Crap God. Ex-Librarian. Known for the infamous Sarah saga and for being an all round spiffing guy. We love Degsy, we do! Unfortunately decided to leave, and rarely comes back to visit. His spirit however will live on.



Not been seen around CMC for a while, Desse is another of the planetarion community crappers and LLMers.



The hairy highlander himself. Currently found working from home.



Wolves supporting poof from the DAMMIT community.



More commonly known as D_D, one of the more regular posting LLMers found at CMC. Also seen posting under the alias 'Elmo'. Currently hosting the CMC forums - cheers!



Scandinavian crapper, and lover of nurses.


Dr Nick

Hi Dr Nick! Yet another CMC bound LLMer. Not been seen around IRC or CMC for absolutely ages.


Drunk Management

The practice of playing CM whilst under the influence of alcohol. Piojoso was very much a pioneer in this field before his shock turn to a healthier lifestyle.


Drunk Manager

One who partakes in the the practice of Drunk Management.



n. A foolish or stupid person. Usually applied to Americans (Dumbfeck yanks) but often heard in other contexts, such as that of Agrippa's famous room-mate threads.



Derrogatory term for a dutch man, usually referring to Erik.