This upsidedown crapper can often be seen posting links to stupid sites, when he isn't wanking. Also known to the IRC community as cam and the prison bitch, cameron is a bit of a musician and has poofy hair.


carp management

Witty variant of crap management. "Give a man a fish and he won't be hungry for a day. Teach him how to fish and he will be hungry no more. Such is the essence of Carp Management."



Shorthand for Championship Manager.


Championship Manager

Also known as CM for short, this is the great game that brought us all together in the first place.



Another of the llama contingent, better known to the planetarion community.



Variant of poof. A poof from Belgium. Usually referring to BiB.



Oft disappearing real life friend of moDtheGod. Spends far too much time playing Legend of Mir.



Burnley supporting LLMer and crapper. Famed for taking the hammer to his computer whenever it goes wrong.



See Championship Manager.



Crap Manager City. Started out at as a small forum with a regular userbase, which was exiled and forced to set up it's own board, which is still going strong after 3 years.



n. inhabitant of communist / formerly communist countries, states etc. See G.A and Kid_Z



Variant of commie


Comrade Raspberry

Recently joined the crap community and is somewhat outspoken. A bit of a poof, frankly.



n. Inhabitant of Australia.



a. Good, great, excellent. Commonly found when a high quality link has been posted in CMC - the tradition being that a crapper (usually BiB) will post "Great site!!" and CT will reply "Cosmic site!!"


Cosmic Trigger

Newcastle supporting crapper, also known as CT, the Trigger takes his name the Super Furry Animals song, "Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy".



LLM convert. Well known to the IRC community for his snickers and cherry coke obsession, his random abuse and for his love of Eastenders and the Bill.



n1. Excrement.

n2. Foolish, deceitful, or boastful language.

n3. Cheap or shoddy material.

n4. Miscellaneous or disorganized items; clutter.

n5. Someone or thing associated with crap management

v. To defecate.


crap challenge

A crap challenge is pre-arranged by discussion at CMC - teams are suggested, then one team is chosen and all crappers play as this team, posting updates about their progress, just for fun. (No tipping will take place in these updates, however!)


crap convention

A meeting in the summer of 2002, which took place in Brighton over a weekend, in which many of the crap community met for much football watching, pool playing, gambling and beer drinking. Produced such classics as Reb's famous win at the dog track (see here), moDtheGod's incident with the 12 year olds (see here) and TFS doing a hollywood style U-turn in the middle of the road! Will hopefully become an annual event.


crap management

n. The manner of playing Championship Manager favoured by those at CMC. In many cases a lifestyle. No bragging, no using other people's tactics and trying to take poor/average sides to glory using the most realistic ways possible. AND NO ROBBIE KEANE!


crap manager

See crapper


Crap Manager City

See CMC.


crap map

A site maintained by Henderson, which displays the location of the majority of crappers. Found here.



n1. One who is associated with CMC.

n2. One who plays CM in the style known as crap management.