n; A lazy poof who is responsible for the upkeep of



An old school crapper famed for his abusive language (particularly toward moDtheGod and MFCMark) and for a colon operation. His drinking feats were second only to Piojoso however medication has recently put paid to them. Also known as Agrippa Shakes, or simply Shakes.


Agrippa Shakes

See Agrippa.



See Darkmoon



n 1; a name that has been assumed temporarily

n 2; an additional username on the messageboard e.g. a known alias of Piojoso is 'Pio's Sober Self'


Ally McCoist

Often found to be shouting "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" and appearing on terrestrial UK TV channels.



Celtic supporting LLMer often found in our IRC channel (#llm on



n 1; British slang - the fleshy part of the body that you sit on - buttocks, bottom, ass

n 2; An irritating person, the severity of the term very much dependant on context; if the term is followed up with  then it is almost certainly an affectionate term.



Hungarian crapper who didn't stay around long, probably due to his burning after tactical tipping, player tipping and bragging... all in the same thread!


'aye, reet, whatever'

CTism. Usually used dismissively.